7 Quick Takes: Tarantulas and Toenails

1. Dwija had her baby! Dwija had her baby!!!!!!! Welcome, Pointy Bird!

2. So let me tell you about my Tuesday. In the morning, I walked outside and saw this guy:
It was literally as long as my index finger and much more hideous in person. Like a true child of the Internet, I took a quick picture to show the friend I was FB chatting with before running inside.

3. Seeing the spider was traumatic enough, but then! Ohhhh, but then! I looked up like 15 minutes later AND THE SPIDER IS INSIDE MY HOUSE OH MY GOSHHHH. Of course, I flipped the F out.

My exact reaction.

I tweeted about it while keeping one eye on the intruder and frantically messaged my friend, who then immediately sassed me:
Men. 🙂

4. I didn’t want to leave the room, because I was afraid the spider would escape AND THEN WHAT?!? So after sobbing for 10 minutes, I found the biggest book in the room (which turned out to be the big green Catechism), wrapped it in a grocery bag, and swung it at the wall. Holy spider guts, y’all. I cried more tears of grossed out, threw away the bag, and then dried my eyes and calmly burned my house to the ground. Okay, I didn’t do the last one. But you’d better believe I wanted to.

5. I had to get out of the house after that, so I had a nice solo lunch and then went to heaven aka Barnes and Noble. Afterwards, I was sitting at the bus stop, just beginning to get over my gross morning, when this random guy comes and sits thisclosetome and begins grooming his toenails almost exactly like the soldier in Mulan. (I tried looking for a picture, but there are only so many times I can google “mulan soldier picking dirt out of toes” without wanting to vom forever) I wish I was lying.
Luckily I had Twitter to distract me and keep me from barfing.
Y’all always come through in times of need.

6. The bus came, and I was 1000% done with life in general, so I booked it to the chapel and spent the rest of the afternoon with Jesus. Much better.

7. Today I met Sr. Maria Kim, who is a Daughter of St. Paul!

*fangirls* She and another Sister just got to San Antonio to reestablish their presence here. Get excited, y’all!

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