When Francis Became Pope


I cannot not NOT believe it’s been a year since Pope Francis was elected! How is that possible? To be honest, the days leading up to his election are a bit of a blur. I was wild with grief badly shocked when Pope Benedict XVI abdicated, and I was definitely still in a weird state of mourning, even though he hadn’t died. I do, however, vividly remember when and where I was when he was elected!

My mom and I had gone to Hobby Lobby to just poke around and dream up some new projects (we’re both very into arts and crafts!). As we were walking through the mall to get lunch, we saw one of the TVs turned to CNN or something, and they were showing St. Peter’s Square! We had a new pope!

Mom and I raced down the stairs to the TV. There were already five or six people gathered around, waiting to see who had been elected. Hey, it’s not every day that we get a new pope! My mom especially remembers this one man who worked in the mall who kept coming up with excuses to leave work so that he could check if the new pope had come out yet. It took over an hour, during which they showed pictures and a bit of background on then-Cardinal Bergoglio. I was THRILLED that he was from Argentina! I furiously texted everyone I knew, Catholic or not, telling them to turn on their TV. Finally, finally, he came out! Mom and I grabbed each other’s hands, and I definitely got teary. The sound was off (darn mall TV!!!), but the captions were on, and we, along with the rest of the world, watched as the new pope greeted us and asked for our prayers. I’ll never forget that day as long as I live!

Where were you when Francis was elected?


6 thoughts on “When Francis Became Pope

  1. I was sitting here before the television that day, still wondering what on earth was going on, since it certainly had never happened in my lifetime that a Pope was elected while the other was still alive, but still trusting (always!) that the Holy Spirit was being 100% active. You’re so blessed to have had someone close with whom to share such a moment. (I love the graphic, by the way. Really made me chuckle!)

  2. I was in my living room! My husband called to tell me there was white smoke, something I wasn’t aware of yet, even thought I was following and signed up for every white smoke news app out there.

    We turned on the television and waited to hear the news….and boy did it take FOREVER! I realized that we were going to have to leave for my daughter’s Little Flower group, so I messaged the leader and let her know we’d be late.

    When the announcement came, we cheered, then we got in the van and headed to the group. I listened to his message on NPR and tried to drive and cry at the same time. It was very exciting. I was smitten from the beginning.

  3. I was so sad/shocked when Pope Benedict XVI resigned, too. I loved him so very much! But I also love Pope Francis… goodness God is so good! I remember I was on a spring break vacation with my family in Philadelphia. We just hung out in the hotel restaurant watching the TV’s eagerly waiting for him to be presented to us. It was so neat to see so many other people interested and watching the TV as well. It united us all if only for a few moments. 🙂

    • Yes! I knew that everyone was excited and watching/waiting to see who the new Pope was, and I felt so connected. ❤

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